2020 Prairie Highlands Men's League Info

Start Date: Monday, May 4th, 2020

Format: Individual Match Play w/ Handicap

Day & Time: Monday – Saturday (Book your Match through the Pro Shop)

*Time may change due to season

 General Info:

  1. League play will consist of 20 weeks. 16 regular season play dates with 1 year end event and 3 playoff nights.
  2. League Entry fee is $150.00 per player and includes Prize Pool for all matches.
  3. The winner of the weekly match will win $10.00 to be paid in golf shop credit at the close of season. Ties are split $5.00 to each player.
  4. Following the regular season there will be a 4-week/8-player single elimination playoff for the Prairie Highlands Cup. Top 6-point totals along with 2 wildcard spots will be seeded for the playoffs. A consolation match will determine 3rd and 4th
  5. All players will play the White Tees. Weekly contests and skins will be handed out each week.
  6. All players can start posting scores March 1st, 2020


$40 + Tax for 2020 USGA Handicap Activation Fee

$10 Optional Skins Game

Gross & Net Winners Weekly – Paid out via Venmo

Optional Hole in One Pot each week w/ $5 buy in weekly

*** In our effort to provide our members a safe and fun environment, we have taken some extra precautions with the 2020 Men’s League. Our top priority is safety and we appreciate everyone adhering to the Johnson County guidelines for practicing safe, Social Distancing. ***

  • Maintain separation of at least 6 feet at all times (parking lot, practice tee, putting clock, tee boxes, fairways, greens, etc).
  • All matches must be played with 1 person per cart.
  • Players are required to show up no more than 20 minutes prior to their Tee Time.
  • Upon completion of your round, players will leave their scorecards in the designated area and promptly return home to adhere to the Shelter in Place order issued by the State.
  • Public Restrooms will not be available for use.
  • All players must reach out to their weekly match-up to schedule a Tee Time that works best for both players.
  1. 01. All players must have an active GHIN handicap or have five 18-hole rounds submitted by the start of the season or they will play as scratch.
  2. 02. All players will select which set of tees they play for the season prior to the first week of league.
  3. 03. There will be 1 flight per 20 players. There will be a total of 20 weeks. 16 regular season play dates with 1 year end event and 3 Playoff nights. End of the year Sendoff will follow the Championship Match of the League. The Championship Match will be an 18-hole match.
  4. 04. The points earned in each match accrue over the course of the season. At the end of the regular season the top 6-point totals along with 2 Wildcard spots will be seeded for the playoffs. A consolation match will determine 3rd and 4th
  5. 05. There will be no “Max Handicap” but in any given match there will be no double strokes on a single hole. All handicaps will be monitored, we will consult the committee in order to make any necessary changes.
  6. 06. All USGA rules are in effect with the exception of any local club rule deemed by the league.
  7. 07. All matches are scored with100% of your In-House League handicap.
  8. 08. If an individual fails to show up, they will receive zero points for that week’s match. The other individual that was supposed to play them will be given a blind draw against another person in the league. Minimum amount of points earned for playing a no-show is 5 points. If the no show is a continual issue we will refer to our committee in regards to a solution.
  9. 09. The one ball rule will be waived. The 14-club rule will be in effect.
  10. 10. Pace of Play: all players will be required to play in 2 hours and 15 minutes (15 minutes/hole) with some leeway on Cart Path Only days. Slow play could result in point deductions of 1 or ½ points.


Single, Family & Junior Memberships available!